Dressology by Nandita Pandey- Review

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Name          – Dressology
 Author                 – Nandita Pandey
 Publisher              – Pan Macmillan India
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My Review
Rating : 4.5

Don’t judge a book with its cover. But don’t we?
First impression is the best impression. So how will we make the best impression first?  Nandita Pandey, through her book dressology tells readers how to dress according to occasion, how to dress smartly and how to dress to impress, appropriately, confidently, and successfully.
Through the points Discover, Define, Design, Deliver and Drive, authoress gives us a personal branding overview.

Further readers are given a glimpse about the origin of power dressing as well as four levels of power dressing called the aupacharik, sadharan, peshawar and akasmik. The right illustrations provide us the right direction. Later the chapters working woman and working man delves deeper into the topic. Skin care and personal grooming tecchniques is the next chapter that provides us an overview about the right hairstyle, make up etc. Next we are introduced to the dressing culture in Germany, Japan, UAE, France, UK, Australia, China, Russia, and Italy.

Author has included the interviews with leaders like Dr.A Velumani, Satyakam Arya, Ambarish Dasgupta, Sameer Sinha, Yash Vasant, Jogendra Singh, Rajiv Talreja, Biju Chandran, Marion Gillich, Saurabh Jaggi, Murali Sundaram, Shankar Srinivasan, and Shiny Surendran about the the image management. Interviews with style icons of tomorrow Vikram Cotah, Dr. Indu Ballani, Preethi Pradhan, Richa Katiyar, Amitava Sinha, Rakhi Kishore, and Dr. Sudhakar Panchu. 

The book enables us to dress the best and dress the right way. The reminders of using optimum make up is quite relevant these days when there is a make up revolution happening. We have come across situations wherein overdo of makeup and accessories have come across as eye sores in official meetings and conferences. The books is a requisite guide to dress right and dress powerfully because however philosophical we approach looks and impressions, we often judge people with how they dress

This review is in return of a free book from the publisher  

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