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What is the worst nightmare of a new born baby’s mother. I would say that it is not sleeplessness, or illness. It is indeed being stunk of pee. Even after the upsurge of diapers, traditional and conservative families in  India still use cloth. Your baby wetting the cloth and the bed cover at night is the worst nightmare. Newnik has come up with a novel solution to this dilemma with the Newnik Cozymat

I had bought the purple color small size for my kid from Amazon. Let’s see the observations


Eventhough I bought the small size one, with reference to the dry mats available in the market, it is pretty long. Generally, the major issue with the product is the time taken to dry up and the rough surface after washing. Let’s the the product for the same.
The picture shows the freshly wet mat. It takes a little time to dry up but it holds the liquid nonetheless. There is no smell of urine whatsoever.
The above picture is after washing and drying. The product dried up faster when compared to its competitor. Even after washing the surface seems even.
On close examination, one can see that the material is soft and smooth on the baby skin. Who wants their baby crying whole night due to rashes. The product gives a minimal guarantee into skin care.
Overall the product is a god steal for the price. To buy the product, click the link NEWNik Cozymat
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