The Inheritors by Sonu Bhasin- Review

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Name          – The Inheritors

 Author                 – Sonu Bhasin
 Publisher              – Penguin Portfolio
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My Review
Rating : 5.0

Dedicating a book to the inheritors of the family business, the unsung heroes- This is the most unique thing that a writer could do. Pooja Jain’s worry was not misplaced that the people might think that the business was presented to them in a golden plate without a sliver of hardwork. While the world sings the hardwork, dedication and resolve of the fathers, grandfathers and the great grand fathers, the younger generations are always ignored unless they start something of their own. I could well relate to the clan of inheritors since I got married to pne of that sort. The term “unsung heroes” is the perfect definition for them. However they work hard their achievements would be looked down upon as ‘Oh they could work in an already established business. It is unknown to many that most successful second generation third generation businessmen get inducted to their business in the entry level. Very few get everything in a platter and they usually end up destroying what they got.

What better way to begin the book than the story of Dabur and Lite Bite foods. The life of Amit Burman is the best case study any management student should have and the books give in detail how Amit, started off with Real Juice. The struggle he had to face in the initial stages. In a community that is obsessed with sugary juices, Amit’s idea of sugarless preservativeless juice did not workout well. On getting a second chance, amit, with his team impecabbly established the brand to finally merge the same to Dabur Group thereby making himself jobless. From there how Amit Burman started off with Lite Bite foods and through trial and error, attained success is not less spicy that any fiction thriller. I genuinely expect to see a Bollywood movie on his life. So is the life of Harsh Mariwala of Marico Ltd. While Amit Burman and Harsh Mariwala follow more or less a similar line, that of Kuldip Singh Dhingra and Gurbhajan Singh Dhingra of Berger is way apart.

Kuldip and Gurbachan had to start from the scratch. Hence I would not find the term Inheritor appropriate in their case. Post the demise of their fathe Late Niranjan Singh, Kuldip and Gubhajan were the poor cousins in the family who were looked down upon. They were not given the due respect and support from the family. Same is the case of Motilal Oswal and Ramdeo Agarwal of Motilal Oswal Group. In fact I would wonder how the name inheritor suit them at all. As far as I could comprehend, they are the first generation since they were not as flourished as compared to the rest and how they made it to the harward Business School as a case study seems like a fairy tale. But no, it is sheer hard work. 

Agastya Dalmia of Keventers , Rishabh and Saloni Shroff of Cylril amarchand Mangaldas and Pooja Jain of Luxor are the inheritors in the truest sense, who inherited their father’s business and made it manifold. Tara Singh Vachani of Max Group, and Arjun Sharma of Select group are the two inheritors who in-spite of inheriting a successful business. 

The book is truly inspiring and unputdownable. It is an asset to all aspiring businessmen and women.

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