Politic Shock by Meghnad Desai-Review

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Name          – Politic Shock
 Author                 – Meghnad Desai
 Publisher              – Rupa Publications 
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My Review
Rating : 4.5

The title ‘Politic Shock’ with the picture of Modi and Trump walking together calls for several versions of guesswork by the readers. Shocking as it is, the victory of both leaders brings about a lot to analyse about and be shocked about,  while the author was among those who had expected this outcome in the election. Being the one to analyse, calculate and predict the political agenda by the leaders as precisely as possible, it is endearing to read how Meghnad Desai reasons the strategy adapted by the two leaders.

The major reason that the author cites for the victory of Modi and Trump is the challenge to the hegemony of the liberal order and the conventional wisdom posed by both readers. While Modi was selected as the Prime Ministerial candidate of BJP, everyone was shocked and presumed that the party has made a major mistake by putting its position at stake by placing a ‘biased’ person upfront. Everyone expected a minority upsurge against this atrocious decision and hence a pathetic failure for BJP. But what everyone conveniently overlooked is the conventional technique of playing safe by both the parties for years by claiming that they would be fair, and secular wherein Modi a low income Chaiwala belonging to the lower caste, who could bring the ignored and rejected sections of the society and utilised their need for recognition to his favour. The same is cited as the reason for Trump’s victory. However savage did his rhetoric sounded, it pleased the mass who still view America as a white country. Eventhough Trump was termed as a misogynist, racist and xenophobic, the same acted in his favour by inviting the votes of the suppressed desires.

While the victory of Modi and Trump had several similarities, further development did not workout well with Trump as he intended due to the complexities of the American constitution while Modi could successfully act as a unilateral ruler. Author finds the demonitization and implementation of GST a success and expect to find another term for Modi Government. 

Instead of simply defining what and why of the victories author backs up his view with a brief yet detailed to the point of world history. History of India and America and any other country in the world could not be isolated and hence author had shown complete justice to the book by giving an account of the history of geopolitics. While speaking of politic shock, Brexit is also shocking but much space has not been dedicated in the book for the same.

The historical anecdotes could have been categorised better. The book might look like a niche audience targeting one but apparently any laymen can easily comprehend the book without boredom.
Unlike many history books, the language is simple, lucid and easily comprehensive. If you need to have a candid view on liberal democrat, and election that brought Modi and Trrump to power and how they tackled with the power, this book is perfect for you. If you are someone who is wondering what is this whole anti Modi and anti Trump agenda, grab this book. If you want to know how exactly did Modi and  Trump won, read this book. If you want to have a slight idea on the geopolitical history, this is a book.

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