Eight Hours by Upendra Namburi -Review

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Name          – Eight hours.             
 Author               –  Upendra Namburi 
 Publisher              – Westland.                 
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My Review
Rating : 3.5

A major business deal that influences the political,economic and geopolitical formula done overnight and finalised in 8 hours. The plot itself is quite difficult to pull off. Aratrika who inherited her father’s business that she raises to heights. After a troublesome childhood and teenage, infidelity in marriage and stormy career Aratrika ends up being insomniac and depressed. A father who physically and emotionally abuses his wife and kids is never a good sight or hearty news. Even if fictional, Aratrika’s trepidation up roots the readers deeply. 

The business empire that flourished under Aratrika is about to collapse in 8 hours. A whole night lays ahead for her in make things right. A sleepless night for a bunch of people. While Aratrika tries to find out who siphoned billions out of ‘Arya’ her firm, a group of adversaries tries to pull her down. Without any physical exertion and with mere mind play,  Aratrika tries to put two and two together and pull the strings to set things right. 

 The chronological events of the night is pointed out with the exact time. Initial few chapters lacked clarity and author seems to be struggling to put forth an impressive showdown with the words. Once the character of Abhimanyu comes to picture the plot software narration becomes lucid ano interesting. Eventhough I am not well versed with the hi flying business technicalities, author had put forward a plausible attempt to make the laymen see sense in the happenings.

All through three books I was wondering if no one in the world sleeps at night but for a merger and acquisition as huge as what mentioned in the book, it would be nearly impossible for those involved to sleep. The pace of the story is not steady. But for the excellent language, it would have been a huge setback for the book.  It is rarely that we come across female characters as powerful as Aratrika. The way she overcame the series of trauma that happened in her life is the highlight of the book.

We all speak of women empowerment but there are still women who are in the dark, who silently suffers the abusive domestic environment but Aratrika’so character is eye-opener to many who thinks that nothing can be done. The climax just swept away all the cons in the beginning. The thread with her husband Siddharth in the end just send goosebumps.

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