The flaky mummy by Madhuri Banerjee and Rohini Tiwari

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Name         – The flaky mummy

Author                  – Madhuri Banerjee and Rohini Tiwari
Publisher              – Rupa Publications 
Number of Pages – 200
Publishing Year   – 2016
Edition                  – Paperback
                    – 295
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Rating : 4.0

Motherhood is supposedly akin to sainthood—a blissful, happy mother looking adoringly at her smiley, chirpy baby. And not a cocktail in sight. But the Flaky Mummy pulls the truth out from under the carpet—in a world full of dirty diapers, the only salvation is a chilled cocktail!
This book is about the journey of six mothers with their quirky parenting styles:
A Punjabi mother stuck in the perils of a joint family while trying to bring her child up;
A tiger mother clawing her child’s path to the top;
A fad-loving disaster of a mother hopping from one ‘parenting method’ to the other;
A lost NRI who makes her way back to her ‘roots’;
A modern socialite with her new must-have accessory of the season—a baby;
A menopausal woman hitting ‘jackpot’ with her last egg.
Filled with hilarious tips and interesting observations, the Flaky Mummy is a witty satire on motherhood, which raises a toast to all the mothers out there struggling, surviving and succeeding at everything life throws their way–with a bit of assistance from their favourite tipple.

My Review

‘Completion of womanhood is motherhood’ this has been a saying going on for centuries. Madhuri Banerjee and Rohini Tiwari through their book flaky mummy shows that motherhood makes a woman nothing but incomplete. Well I didn’t mean it to come out that way. The insinuation was that the book shows how a woman’s life changes drastically after her delivery. 

The book contains the anecdotes of six women wherein they handled their pre and post natal period. The first one is that of a Punjabi mother. Her dilemma in bringing up her child in a joint family where her mother-in-law is the ultimate decision maker. Right from selecting the name of the baby to the decision of whether to use diaper or cloth nappy is taken by the MIL. The narration is very humorous and engaging. 

Second one is a strict mother who tried to make her average  child extraordinary by enrolling him to every Tom. Dick and Harry’s classes. This one seemed a fictional adaptation rather than  true story. Yes there are mothers of the similat make but he narration was under a typical fictional frame.Third one is the experience of a mother who tried to experiment attachment parenting.  While most of the methods sounded good for the baby, some extreme methods like mastication feeding were impractical.  

Next story is of a socialite mother who decided to have a baby just to be in the page 3 pages as a sexy mother is a frank one. Her give and take with the baby sitter is sure to tickle the funny bone of the readers. Fifth story is that of an expatriate who is lured by the possibility of getting a full time help. Once back in India, she finds it difficult to adjust to the discrepancy in child rearing practices.
Sixth one is my favourite. A forty four year old gets an unexpected gift. The prejudices of the society is laid bare in the story.

All the stories end with a recipe of cocktail each mother would live to have. End of the book there is a list of cocktails as well. All the stories somewhere or other portrays that every mother needs her space in life termed as the ‘me’ time. An anecdote on a mother who doesn’t think of anything other than children should have been added.

Reviewed for the publisher
I received this book as a
complimentary copy in exchange for a honest review.

About the author

Madhuri Banerjee is an Indian bestselling author and writer. She is a blogger at CNN-IBN, a columnist with the Asian Age, an Ad film director, a screenplay writer for Bollywood films and a mother. Madhuri has won a National Award for her poignant and realistic documentary on the issues that women face, Between Dualities. Madhuri Banerjee is the bestselling author of five books including Advantage Love and Scandalous Housewives.

Rohini Tiwari graduated from Delhi University in English (Hons) and then took up modelling. She was discovered by Inez and Vinoodh Lamsveerde to do a shoot for an international magazine and thus began her foray in international modelling. Soon, she was signed up in Paris, New York and London with some of the top agencies. A voracious reader, she believes that she can express herself best through writing. This is her first book.
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