The world united by Peter Fama

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Name         – The world united

Author                  – Peter Fama
Publisher              – Lifi Publications
Number of Pages – 380
Publishing Year   – 2016
Edition                  – Paperback
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Rating : 3.0

What is to be done about the global economic crisis? What about the political instability in so many countries today? These and other critical problems are just not going to go away, so we need to find solutions. But how? And where? Some might say we need a Savior. In The World United Joseph Cazara is that person. He manages to eradicate terrorism and then actually brings peace to the Middle East. A new world government follows, called – The United Society of Earth, or USE. But there is opposition from the last remaining hold-outs. And the tenuous treaty between the Arab people and the Jews may not last as long as anticipated. The future is not yet written, but this novel gives us window into what the world will be like in the years ahead of us.

My Review

The world United is a futuristic book. Generally books showing the future are categorized as fantasy /sci fi. But here the book cannot be considered mere fantasy since it shows the impending plight of people all over the world. The story is depicted through the outlook of Dalee, assistant to the Secretary of State, United States, who later changes his profession. The story happens in 2049 when a 30 year old Dalee becomes a part of the formation of United Society of Earth. The repercussions of the same in the geo political scenario is the core of the story. To fight terrorism, Joseph Cazara comes out as the saviour of mother earth. Is he the real saviour or something else?

The narration is exemplary. There is an element of fantasy showing the supernatural powers. Dalee foray into music and movies were unwanted distraction to the whole storyline. The pace of the story is not steady. The interest that the readers feel keeps on fluctuating. A little more grip was needed in the narration. A commendable attempt was done to counter terrorism.  
I received this book as a
complimentary copy in exchange for a honest review from the publisher.

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