The review of Kitchenelves Revolution by Christian Eberle and Katja Vartiainen

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Book Name      – Kitchenelves                                             Revolution
Author              –  
Publisher          –   Createspace
Number of Pages –  53 
Publishing Year   –   2015
Edition                  –   Paperback

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Rating : 3.5

A ridiculous visual story of peace loving elves getting into a zeitgeist adventure. A picture book for adults(no sex sorry) with fancy color pictures! My husband calls it hommage to Arnie and Dolph- I call it the myth for the new paradigm.

My review
Kitchnelves is a graphic novella. It is the story of elflings who were trapped in the house of humans and their revolution for attaining freedom. The book contains illustrations in one page and the text in the other. The book is a funny read for both children and adults. Kids would love it for the pics and adults will love it for the writing style.I would recommend a paperback edition to get the feel of the book.


  • The book is a simple read.
  • Illustrations are exemplary.
  • The story is funny and  interesting


  • The book is a little overpriced.

One Liner

A funny graphic novella for both kids and adults

Reviewed for the author

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a complimentary copy in exchange for a honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

About the author

Christian Eberle loves good stories and draws his inspiration from movies. Katja Vartiainen has an art background. She is a painter and does illustrations as well. Her visual inspiration comes from fine arts as well as from the wide cornucopia of comics and graphic novels. Her literary interests are wide and varied. They share a taste for humor, multi-dilettantism, and get inspired by our tragicomic planet and its curious creatures and beyond. For further information:

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