Of Men made gods by Osman Welela -Review

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Book Name           –  Of Men Made Gods
Author                  –   Osman Welela
Publisher              –   Smashwords
Number of Pages –   
Publishing Year   –   2014
Edition                  –   E.Book

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Rating : 3.0

“I lied about not finding a way to channel magic from other beings,” said Avon, referring to the failure he had admitted to last time he spoke at Hall. “There was a land I visited where magicians grew their power by feeding off their own men. Have you any idea what kind of danger you’ve brought to our people?”
“We’ll be different,” said Elizo, the earlier surprise fading from his face as his voice eased back to an uncaring tone. “We are Danu.”
Avon made a sound halfway between mocking and despair as he heard his people’s name being uttered with such blind fate. “You mean we’ll be the first to fall?” he asked, not able to keep the rising anger out of his voice. “The first people to usher darkness into the world?”

Faced with an enemy with superior numbers, the Danu had chosen to flee after decades of endless battles. Years later, as they are getting accustomed to their new home, they find that their enemy is hunting for them again. Chaos follows, as these ancient people are filled with bone trembling fear at the thought of annihilation. In this time of uncertainty, a man, Lucifio Lamourn, turns to the one thing his people had more than any other; magic. He proposes a plan so drastic that it’ll literally change the face of the land itself.
More than a hundred years later, news of that same enemy arrives to the now prosperous home of the magicians who call themselves Druids. And just as his ancestor had done in his own time, Avon Lamourn puts forward a radical plan of his own. Now he only has to convince the power hungry, decadent, and egotistic rulers of his people that his way would avert the coming war with the least amount of risk

My review

Of men made gods is a YA Fantasy/ Children’s Fantasy. The story takes us to a world of magic, expectations, creation, experiments and imaginations. Author succeeded in enticing the reader with his writing style. Author provides the 3D projection of the imagery to the readers. Unlike several self-published books, this book is exceptionally edited and proofread. Pace of the story is not steady. It drops at some areas and gains momentum later. Author adopted an unconventional style in character portrayal.

The area where author failed to create excitement is the dialogue. The craft of the dialogues could be given more care.

One Liner

                                                      An interesting fantasy read

Reviewed for the author

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a complimentary copy in exchange for a honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

About the author

Osman Welela is a writer living in Ethiopia. He is currently working on two full books with titles of Sunshine, and Kingdom. He usually likes to waste his precious time by obsessively reading any kind of book he could get his hands on, tirelessly watching movies, eating good food, and listening to music

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