The dragon flies of 21st century

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During my childhood, there was this cruel game where in kids catch the dragon flies and tie a thread on their legs and make them lift stones. We were not aware of the animal rights or insect rights, for that matter. Through time, due to the

intervention of other games, and electronic media, the cruel entertainment slowly receded to the distant memories.

Nevertheless, it seems that some people still cherish their childhood game and are unable to keep themselves from the same. But being the so called grownups, they couldn’t play with the dragon flies. They play with their off-springs instead. The stones gave way to even heavier mental stress of studies and marks.

Today I came across an experience of a teacher where she met a boy wailing inside the Exam hall saying that he is blank and could not remember anything . His father was a professor who wanted to mould his son into an Engineer but the poor boy did not have it in him or what he had was something different. His parents were unaware of it or deliberately ignored it. Why does people do this? Why do they want to bring up a generation of geeks and end up in having a generation of patients?

Depression,suicidal tendency,Indifference- what happened to my child!
To find an answer, I would love to take them to the times when they played with the dragon flies. What happens to it eventually?
Do you want the same thing to happen to your children?
Let them spread the wings and fly high.

To the kids

Dear children

Please do understand that your parents are just playing a game.Don’t succumb to the pressure game. Just soar up and dodge the horror. Don’t think of ending up your life or doing something diabolic. As an end note I will share an idea which I got from a training professional.

A lion chases a deer. Before the lion could get hold of it, the dear escapes. The lions tries again to catch another but in vain. Likewise the lion tried eleven times and finally got it. Why? Because he tried and tried and tried. Did the lion think of committing suicide? Nay.

Be a lion and chase your dreams. Don’t give up.

Haven’t you heard of ROBERT BRUCE? Be the Robert BRUCE of 21st century.

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