Invalid- by KV Raghupathi- A Review

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ISBN: 9788182533530

Cover Art by Anil CS Rao

The book in your hand
was written thirty years ago while the writer was just twenty-five. This
constitutes the first of four books (tetralogy) which were written by him
around that time. It might be shocking for you to know that more than thirty
publishers have rejected the first one, which is before you, in the last thirty
years. Some cited no reason, some said; it is a most horrendous piece of
writing… Human world would simply not accept … burn it. The writer did not
burn, but simply kept it along with the other scripts in a box and locked, and
then forgot the fate of their print. After thirty years, he revived his
interest with a hope to introduce them to the educated public.
much to his consternation and shock, the same story has been repeated, but with
a difference. One or two publishers called it fabulous and shocking; some accepted
it in the beginning, later abandoned without citing reasons. Yet one signed the
contract and vanished. Still another signed the contract and later broke it
after six months. The writer is driven to deep frustration. Yet, determined and
ready to face adverse and aggressive hostile world, the writer has ventured it
on his own with the help of a budding publisher, for which the
writer expresses his deep sense of gratitude. The book is now before you, in
your hands. Read, burn, and forget.
started reading the book, I felt disoriented. I was wondering what this is all
about. I did not have any idea as to what the subject of the book is but while
I travelled more with the character, I traversed into another world, another
era and a completely different thought process.
the author said in Mohan’s words, this is neither a short story nor a novel.
This is the experiences of Praveen. A little boy orphaned during his childhood,
brought up by his sister, is disoriented when he loses her. Then comes Pushpa,
who lifts his lifeless soul to heights of rapture of love and drowns him to the
depths of death. He could not find solace in anything. The firm where he
worked, discards him after squeezing out the youthfulness in him. Only after
his dismissal that he realizes the fact that the pollution from the firm had
eaten the best of him body and health. The pollution, pain, loneliness,
despondency everything together claims his life.
very few dialogues and a single chapter, author tried to reconstruct the notion
of conservative method of writing. The fact that he attempted the venture
thirty years back shows his brilliance. Pravy’s diary takes us to a
philosophical ride. His views of life, death, happiness, ego, criticisms,
nirvana etc. provide us the vision propagated by great philosophers, epics and
the religious books, in a single and small book. The author successfully
portrayed and permeated infinite knowledge and visual imagery through the book.
Pravy became invalid because of the long-term exposure to pollution but
author’s literary power is not polluted with unnecessary melodrama. This book
targets the philosophy lovers and those who eagerly wait to read a book with
some difference from the usual romance and thrillers. Those who are looking for
an unconventional writing would be extremely happy with this book. The book was
written thirty years back but it becomes most relevant these days. Thirty years
back, it would be a futuristic book and the literary world probably did not
have the maturity to accept the future at that point of time. Had it been
portrayed in a lighter note, it would have been a classic best seller by now.
negative part could be the explanation of Pravy’s plight in room number seven.
It seems to be dragged beyond limits, which might force the reader to flip the
pages. Nevertheless, author has compensated with an explanation in the end.
Lack of a back blurb is another drawback. A small sneak peek of what the book
is all about, could have been mentioned so that the right readers could be
targeted easily.

Rating : 3.0

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Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for a honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

the author


His main
forte is poetry. A leading voice in Indian English Poetry, he is currently
teaching at Central University of Tamil Nadu, Thiruvarur. He has published nine
collections in addition to four critical works and two books on Yoga. His
poetry is rooted in the abundance of philosophy, nature, transcendentalism,
imagery, and social perspectives. Besides being a poet, his other passions
include classical Karnatic music, bird watching and ancient and contemporary
Indian philosophy.

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