Reading habit

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What is a reading habit?

Is it sitting like a bookworm and gulping all that we get??
A few years back i had this doubt coz I was damn sure that I wouldn’t be able to read even a single book at a stretch. And sitting somewhere for so long!!! Horrible
But I wanted to feel that im a good reader. So I went to bookshops, got so many books started reading and by heated the title and author’s name. Well thats all that matter. We should be able to reproduce all that we read.
Gradually I started getting the feel that reading is not all about devouring what all we get.
See, You read my blog only if you feel that you get to get something interesting to read. Likewise I wanted to read books that creates interest.
By the way why am I explaining all these ??
Im sure there might be at least one person who is sailing in the same boat; With the same opinion.

Do you agree??
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