Aylan Kurdi. The little mermaid

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Feeling heart broken with the unfortunate picture of the little mermaid whose tail was cut off.  Mother sea engulfed him, she ate her son, but the pain might have been unbearable that she spat him out on her shore. Being a mother myself, I am perturbed by the scene. I am aghast, exasperated, angry, frustrated, and ashamed of myself.

I have punished my children for being disobedient, uncontrollably naughty, and troublesome. I have said N number of times that ” Oh my god! These kids are impossible. I am tired of these kids.” What if this fate happened to them?
Alas! I regret every second I scolded them , I regret every moment I told them not to disturb me. I regret every word that hurt them. Let them disturb me, let them trouble me but please god let them be with me. No other child should face the fate of poor little Aylan.
To the social media artists, please stop making your Photoshop illustrations. You might be pouring out your pain but its heart breaking to see him like a portrait.
Ultra modern world, twenty first century but what’s it all about if we could not stop these brutalities. Let them rot in hell if there is one.
This is the wailing of a mother who could see her own children in the unfortunate body of the little mermaid.

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