Lulus Favorite Color by Sehal Kela, Illustrated by Abhilasha Khatri – Colorful, Educative

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 A child starts recognizing colors first. As an infant it is the trance of colors that we use to keep the child calm and engaged. Once they grow, these colorful illustrations are used in the books to keep the child glued and thereby instilling the habit of connecting with the books. Sehal Kela, through her book Lulu’s favorite color has tapped into this possibility of using the colors to connect with the little readers.

Lulus Favorite Color

My Son Loved It

When I received the book, it was my third child Karan who jumped to grab it and play with it. As usual, the expected demeanor was to crunch it and tear it more so when my second one jumps to grab it just for the sake of action, and not to read. But surprisingly, he sat in a corner and tried to read it. The words are simple and the font is child friendly. I loved how the author has connected various colors to the vegetable, and related items that we encounter daily. This helped in creating a connect with the book and the surroundings. Thus the children’s book turned out to be a sensory learning experience too. 

The illustrations

The illustrations by Abhilasha Khatri deserve special mention. She has brought about the colors in a mesmerizing and educative creativity. Be it Lulu or the human adaptations of colors, the illustrator has done a deft job of connecting with the little readers, thus making the book an enticing experience for younger kids who are unable to read as well.

All that is well that ends well

I mentioned that the book is educative and engaging. This is not just the introduction of colors and their adaptations in daily life but the author has brought about the life philosophy of inclusivity and unity in diversity in the simplest possible fashion. Teaching the child that everyone and everything in the world has its due importance while keeping them engaged and entertained, and simultaneously honing their reading skills, the book is a treat. The book is inadvertently priced on the higher side. While the quality of the book is maintained and thus justifies the price, the availability of cheaper books in the genre might be detrimental to the book in a sales point of view.

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