Why Champak – Stories That Shaped Our Nation is One of Its Kind Book About Freedom Struggle.

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Our kids learn about our history, freedom struggle, independence, partition, etc through their textbooks. The byhearted lines, the boring lectures – the pictures about independence would be just that growing up. At least that was the case for me. More often than not, we come to talk about patriotism when it comes to friction with Pakistan or when we discuss Cricket. Does the love for our land end there? Champak has come up with an answer to this predicament which is rather addressed decades later. Champak – Stories That Shaped Our Nation, brings out the essence that has been missing till now.

Champak – Stories That Shaped Our Nation

My previous statements might insinuate that the storybooks and stories that we have heard growing up about our independence are incapable of the feat. As much as I respect the efforts taken by the writers and storytellers over the years, I must say that this special edition of Champak outwitted every piece of children’s literature that aimed at teaching the kids about the independence struggle. 
The illustrations, style of narration, colorful pages, and the book is a feast. 
It had stories about freedom fighters who remained forgotten as well as the ones who were celebrated. It also tells us stories post-independence as well. The activities in between make the book an engaging one that compels the little readers to bump along. 
Grab a copy for your child for this is a treasure for years to come if you want them to grow grounded and connected to the roots. This is a treasure for the growing book lovers. If you are a book lover, join our Outset Book Club and meet other book buffs.
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