Ma – Memoir by Dr. Kisholoy Roy – Book Review

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For every woman, a family that supports and understands is very important. Of late women have become aware of their wellness, health, and mental well-being. With awareness about self-love and me-time, women have finally started living for themselves also. But yesteryear women sacrificed their lives for the family due to the continuous and ongoing conditioning from families. One such woman is Namita, the mother of author Dr. Kisholoy Roy.

The phoenix woman

Born to a Bengali family as a third daughter, Namita’s life is preset to go through discrimination, judgment, and unfair circumstances. Surprisingly, Namita’s paternal grandmother was supportive of having a girl child, which made her life easier than anyone would expect. A bright student who scored high marks in all subjects found Mathematics a tough nut to crack. But she went ahead to finish her education. At a young age, she gets married and then experiences a string of judgemental comments about not having a baby. With a not-so-lovable mother-in-law, her life in the in-law’s home becomes tough. But Being the strong woman she is, Namita was determined to wade through the tides. With a complicated pregnancy and delivery, she holds the little life that came into her life. 

A string of shocks

Tough was waiting to come with a child who seldom sleeps, the death of loved ones, toxic relatives, and more. With her son climbing the ladder of educational excellence would Namita’s life be any better. The worse was waiting for her when her son marital life loses breath before being born. This takes a toll on her mental health finally. 

The book is a perfect memoir for a mother by her loving son. The author doesn’t mince his words while narrating every unjust situation in Namita’s life. It is endearing to read about strong women in a generation when women were objectified without remorse. The author has done total justice to his mother by keeping her memories alive throughout. 

The book is not a unilinear one as to how his mother was subjected to injustice at all steps of life, it also throws light on some of the prejudices of society. How out of the fear of a homophobic society, people hide their sexual orientation and end up spoiling several lives in the process. Nonetheless, one line in the book stuck out like a sore thumb. The line “She was to be relieved to a great extent from her household chores if the marriage lasted” unequivocally states that household chores are a woman’s job was uncalled for. It also points to the red tape in the court proceedings due to which an annulment was pulled forward to divorce. 

Overall the book is an emotional roller coaster for the readers. It makes us relive our lives as well. If you are a book lover, join our Outset Book Club and meet other book buffs.

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