Teaspoons Full of Love and Posiivity – Self-Help Poetry That Talks About Your Wellness

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 Being positive and living a contentful life is anyone’s dream. Peace and happiness have become a luxury that cannot be afforded by everyone in the fast life. As fast as our lives move, we have to equally keep up with our mental health. Self-help books have been a rage of late and naturally, I get gravitated toward anything related to wellness and positivity. One such precious piece of literature is Teaspoons full of Love and Positivity by Swati Munjal. The book took me to a time when I used to relentlessly do my morning cup of positivity posts. That was a time when I was taking care of my mental health and now by making others take care of theirs, mine took a backseat. Thats when the book came to me and reminded me of what I have been missing again.

Value our life

The book reminded me to value my life. While I was reading the poem why are we here, I felt like I am talking to a long-lost friend. End of the poem there is a question, How do you wish to live your life. The answer was already written by my daughter – Happy, famous, loved, freedom, (never marrying), choose what I do, and no hate comments. This is what she had written. See how the book has impacted an 11-year-old!

Next up it is about relationships, and the next poem is about mother. I was thinking about how I had taken my mother for granted. Well, we all do. But at the end of the poem my daughter had written, in the space to write about your mother – brave, best, angry, funny haha. Two days later we had a fight and I saw an addition not friendly to it. Practically the book has become her journal and a way for me to know her better. The next poem the silver lining is something that I copied down in my journal so that I could read it every day. It doubled up as my positive affirmation. End of the poem the question was “who has been your mellow-down inspiration in life when struggling with demoralization? And the answer was written by my daughter – Duh! my mother. A poem before, I was unfriendly – note the point. 

Retrospection about your life

The book forces you to retrospect on your past, and introspect about your present to prepare you for a positive future. The poems that come further talk about our pain, anger, judgments, fear, and dreams – It is like attending a counseling session. We talk to the counselor, write down notes, and keep on journaling which helps us understand ourselves. 
If you are someone who wants to take care of your mental health, if you are someone who loves reading poems, if you are someone whose wellness journey is on the go, this is the book for you. 
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