Early Indians By Tony Joseph Tells Us Where We Came From

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 The privileged species that think about themselves as superior to all others. Divided by caste, creed, nationality color, and whatnot. Had we known that it all started from single immigration, would we have the same high-headed discriminatory traits as we did?  Early Indians by Tony Joseph is a scientifically backed account of how the modern Indians came into existence. 

Early Indians were not the ones

Scientific facts prove that contrary to the old belief the Toba supervolcanic eruption wiped off entire east Asia to East Africa. While we can mull on various factors like competition, climate, or any such things, the striking similarity in the mitochondrial DNA of females and the Y chromosome of males is breathtakingly authentic. The author has given a brief about the terms for ease of understanding. Mostly those who read these books would be left behind wondering what has been established in the book. But the author has taken into consideration the readers who might not be privy to the medical terms. This in turn makes the book receptive to the masses. 

Detailed, categorized account on the early Indians

As much as the author declared the who is who of evolution, he has concentrated simultaneously on the various aspects of genome mapping, archeological studies, and also the underlying connection between the current similarities and differences in the lifestyles of the Indians belonging to different states. But some instances projected to me, personally, that the author was specifically trying to establish the futility of giving ‘undue’ importance to Rigveda and other Vedas for that matter. Maybe I could be wrong.

Sapiens and Early Indians

Drawing parallels between Sapiens and Early Indians is something that I could not ignore. While early Indians might seem like an extension of sapiens, the narrative is not as philosophical and early Indians stand out with the sheer fact that it is talking about Indians in particular and the wide spectrum that Sapiens dealt with could not be reflected in Early Indians. Obviously, that’s not what the book is all about.
Overall, the book tells us who we are. While separated by caste, creeds, and the superior hegemony, one should read early Indians to know what we all have been separated for.
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