Handle With Care by Shreya Sen Handley Review

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 Being a travel enthusiast, I have always been intrigued by books about traveling and portraying travel experiences. Knowing different places, and people have always been my ecstasy. Hence, when I get a book that is even remotely connected to traveling, I grab it at the first chance. Handle with care by Shreya Sen Handley is one of those books about travel and self-discovery that we would love to gorge on again and again.

The Globetrotter Family

The highlight of the whole scenario is the family that tags along with her. An Indian woman traveling with a British husband and two kids is a sight to enjoy. But with all the perils of being with kids, the author has made it look and sound irresistible with some tinge of a reality check in between. The little banter between Shreya and her husband about their trips with and without kids and the joke that encapsulates her marital life, including her first marriage, is a section of the book that witnesses the author’s finesse in showing and not telling – a style of narration that I have vehemently advocated always.

Quirkiness and travelogues

Quite often travleogues or any books about travel experiences hold a serious tone. But here we are entertained while we are educated. It is a travelogue and memoir in one. We get to travel and know the places sitting at home while see several relatable scenarios giving an impression that we are indeed going places.
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