Invictus by Nidhie Sharma – Review

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 Six kids are stuck in a treacherous jungle. The one-liner is enough to send a chill down the spine. The chill runs deeper if this is a real incident. When Nidhie was narrating how she, at the age of thirteen, was lost in the jungle of Tawang with six other kids who are younger than her, I could only visualize my kids with my daughter who is just a year or two younger than her age when this incident happened.

Invictus by Nidhie Sharma

Unbelievable scenario

Amidst the unpredictable river, known for dangerous landslides, bitten by blood-sucking leeches, confronting wild Yaks, and whatnot. Did these kids overcome all these? Had it been fiction, I would have snubbed it as the overzealous imagination of the author. But no! This has indeed happened in the author’s life.

Impeccable Narration

This memoir is the most blood-chilling non-fiction I have ever read mostly so due to the young age of the kids and also the impeccable narration of the author. Nidhie has mastered sarcasm and how she mixed a tragedy with her classic quirky twist is endearing to read. Step by step, one danger to another, when the kids venture into the heart of the jungle, the readers would be at the edge of their seats. Knowing that the author is still alive was a reprieve. But what about the other kids? This thought left me sleepless when I burned the midnight oil to know what happened.

To take responsibility for one’s mistakes

Nidhie , you are a fighter. A talented one at that. I adore her for taking responsibility for her actions and being brutally honest about her mistakes. But this makes her the bravest one. The book is additionally a self-help book as well because it makes you realize that perseverance is the key to accomplishments. It will make you believe in miracles and moreover the author teaches you how to make the most out of the worst-case scenarios in your life.

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