Love to Hurt You by Rahul Saini – Review

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How can an author write about true love in one book (The Part I Left With You) and simultaneously sketch the earliest scariest gruesome blood-chilling affair in another? Here is Rahul Saini, an unpredictable author with a plethora of varieties in his craft. Love to Hurt You, the latest dark romance by Rahul Saini is a foray into the deepest crevices of the human mind.

Before continuing further: Trigger warning – The book and the review have graphic details and mention violence, suicide, murder, rape, substance abuse, etc.

Love to hurt you:

Love to hurt you

How can someone love to hurt another person? Having personally dealt with so many people who have expressed love in the most unbelievable fashion in real life, I could totally relate to it. The book is a dark romance with a twisted love triangle. Garun loves to kill, Sasha loves to hurt and Maya wants to die. After a suicide attempt, Maya is trying to recuperate and come back to life when hallucinations hold her life and play with her psyche. When Garun meets Maya, he wants to make her fall for him just for the thrill of it. Knowing that she is in a fragile state of mind, he exploits it. While on another side, Sasha is living a life finding comfort and happiness in hurting men and beaming in the thrill of dominance that’s she gets from it.

Characters rule the plot:

The book has an extremely niche target readers. The book is exclusively for those who love to read and could handle dark romance and the extremities in the book. The book cannot be judged by the thoughts and dialogues of the characters as the characters are intrinsically cruel and abnormal. Hence the rule book of misogyny and misandry doesn’t apply to them. Garun’s character is a chauvinistic self-indulgent one while Sasha is deprived of love and is vindictive towards men who are infidels. The character of Sasha is a classic serial killer craft. Maya is the most fragile of the three but her vulnerability failed to be established in the audience’s mind or so I felt. In some instances, the effort by the author to establish the character craft of the three characters seemed forced. The climax creates the adrenaline rush till the last four pages but further, the graph drops drastically as Garun’s part seemed cliché. Nonetheless, the last part gives a hint of mystery.

Hallucinations, revenge, and  murderous desire 

As mentioned earlier, the book deals with the deepest and darkest of desires. A lack of trigger warnings and age criteria could land the book with the wrong reader. Love to hurt you is a brave attempt by the author. Dealing with such complicated emotions and relations is not everyone’s cup of tea.
Overall it is a dark complicated romance for readers who love to read the genre. The type of genre it falls in the book is a perf ct fit.
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