A Pleasant Escape By Piyush Rohankar – Review

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 The lives of civil servants have always been a subject that aroused the curiosity in the readers and layment at large. How do they prepare? How do they clear the toughest exam? How is their life post clearing the exams? Will beaurocracy bring luxury along,? These are the questions that are often asked. Nonetheless, their life post retirement has never been a subject that is mulled over. Pleasant Escape by Piyush Rohankar throws light to the colourful and not so colorful lives of civil service aspirants. 

Piquing the curiosity

From the first page, the author has succeeded in creating an intrigue in the readers. The protagonist is attending the Civil Service interview after clearing UPSC.  After a ‘not so pleasant’ attempt when he steps out he realises that the interview panels has Sakshi’s father. Sakshi, about whom he mentioned in the interview. 

Expectedly, the readers set on a cliché trip expecting Sakshi to be his lady love. Further plot proceeds and time and again arouses thr question – Who is Sakshi? Where is she? The intrigue keeps them hooked to the A Pleasant Escape.

Diversity of characters

A USP of the book is that the author has conentrated on the parity of character space. Each character develops with the traits that enables the readers in visualising them multi dimensionally. 

Except Sakshi, all other characters would have established their craft by the second half of the book, which is rarity in a supposedly romance book. Sakshi’s character develops late in the plot, justifiably, which could be explained in the climax. 

Misleading cover

The book deals with several historical as well as current affairs. Author has actively and passively addressed several social evils. Nonetheless the book cover creates an impression of a baseless romance. This is one of the reasons why I procrastinated ‘A Pleasant Escape’, which later I totally forgot about. But the moment I started reading, i realised that putting this off was a mistake.

Simple yet endearing narration

The style of narration is simple and hence comprehensive for beginners as well. Nonetheless, the language and grammar are all in place. The book emanates the aura of an autobiography. The author has transformed into the characters with each word written. 

If you are looking for a book which is rich in literary metaphors, this is not for you. But if you are looking for a decent read without the usual cliché puppy romance and unnecessary making out sequences and cringefest, you will love ‘ A Pleasant Escape by Piyush Rohankar’.

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