21 Fantastic Failures by Sonali Misra

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21 fantastic failures

We read several self-help books. Of late I have also reviewed many. Most of them tell us how to prepare for failure or how to not fail. But how to come back from failure is seldom dealt with in such books. 21 Fantastic Failures deals with this topic.

How can failure be fantastic?

We all know this story of Amitabh Bachchan. His rise to fame, famous movies, ABC corporation, its failure and again coming back to glory. Not all stories are known by everyone. For some, the success stories are known but failures are not known to the laymen as the success was humungous to remember failures. One such personality mentioned in the book is Oprah Winfrey. Most of us know about her show and its success but not everyone knows that she had a scary childhood, when she was molested several times by different people and landed in great trouble which, is impossible for a teenager to come out of. But with sheer hard work and determination, she attained the feat. Steve Jobs is one another personality in the books, whose story of failure is unknown to the public.

Failures from every sector:

The author has taken care to select the personalities from different sectors and nationalities. She has given a brief biography of the personalities to the point where they reach the crossroads. This makes the book interesting as the readers would be intrigued to read what the crossroad was and how it was overcome. The book is brimful of exciting real incidents. The research and related efforts taken by the author is palpable in the book.

The personality that didn’t fit in:

There were a lot of personalities whom we know and would love to read about, The failure and the further success of Nelson Mandela, Colonel Sanders, Richard Branson tells the tale of perseverance. It tells the reader how to not lose faith in themselves and try again and again. Nonetheless, one personality in the book did not fit into this. Though his talent and creations are incomparable, his story nowhere tells a fantastic failure. It tells all about his mental disease and how he succumbed to it. It is none other than Vincent Van Gogh. There is no doubt that he is immensely talented but somehow doesn’t fit into the idea of fantastic failure.

Overall the book is a must-read for everyone from all walks of life. It is inspirational at different levels as it tells the story of real failures and further successes.

21 Fantastic Failure by Sonali Misra

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