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The picture itself might tell you why I am writing the post. It is a post by an overgrown child who is telling everyone about the award she got

Top 22 Literature blog in India. That too I received alongside Preeti Shenoy. What more should I need?

Today morning I woke up to a mail that says that my blog has been selected by Indian Top Blogs. What more should a book blogger need. I am still not over the enthusiasm created but is news
I shared it everywhere because this was a reply to several rejections in faced.
Two years back a new website was selected by the blog as the Top50 Indian book review blogs. Later my ranking dropped. I was wondering where I went wrong. And later I created an Instagram account.
I approached this website to update my Instagram account on the website. Lo and behold, the website which was genuinely selecting people has become a circus. Pay them and get the ranking again. I left them.
The next day an Instagram engagement page refused to admit me claiming that mine is a “non-bookish profile. I was dejected. Because I was a book review blogger first. I am still in the learning process. I hope to attain more in the future.
Thanks to everyone who supported.

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