Revelation 22 By Anunay Kumar – Thriller Book Review

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Revelation 22 By Anunay Kumar - Thriller Book Review

To name a military mission, a common thought would be to attach the word mission. The term Revelation 22 itself is a shift from the cliche. An undercover agent, a scientist, and a politician. It wouldn’t take much to decipher that the book is a suspense thriller.

The difficult plot:

As much as it is easy to guess the genre, it is equally difficult to pull off the plotline. The author should be well versed in three arenas. Revelation 22, written by Anunay Kumar and published by Zorba Books though the name suggests otherwise, is an investigative political thriller.
The plot revolves around Rudra, the undercover agent of an investigative agency under the Indian government. He sets out for an investigation. Unknowingly he touched a raw nerve with a mafia. His involvement alerts the perpetrators of a horrendous crime.

Being repeatedly attacked, Rudra realizes that the investigation is going in the right direction. The character of Rudra is all over the plot. It is like a superstar in a mass movie that gets a space above the plotline. Nonetheless, the author has succeeded in maintaining the mysterious element around the character. 

The detailed research:

In another corner, a scientist comes across a formula, which would change the face of the world. When the news of his discovery reaches the wrong corner, the knowledge is used to decimate the country. The author has pulled off scientific nitty-gritty with finesse. The extend of research invested in the topic is commendable. Hoe a scientist who broke the ground is forced to use this extraordinary discovery for a macabre purpose if portrayed with conviction.
With a top politician involved hand in glove with the terrorists, and Rudra’s team being called off from investigation, the plot becomes all the more interesting.

Wavering Pace:

The plot takes off with a swoosh of suspense. The action sequence and nail-biting thrill that follows glue the readers to the book. The scenario when Rudra visits a dilapidated Victorian building (name not mentioned to avoid a spoiler), the ambiance with CCTV, and the well-maintained garden which are in stark contrast is a unique scenario that is presented with visual amplification. For a book that begins with an eerie mystery and fast-paced sequences, the last quarter is a tad bit slow and disappointing. The climax was predictable. The effect created by Rudra’s foray into the truth weakens in the climax. 
The book is overall a satisfactory read for an investigative thriller.
Revelation 22 By Anunay Kumar - Thriller Book Review
I got the book from Zorba Books in return for an honest review.

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