Catahrsis By Mukul Kumar – Book Review

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Catahrsis By Mukul Kumar - Book Review

Poetry is always a weakness for me, The first piece of literature that I wrote at the age of 13 was a poem. Hence when I learned that author Mukul Kumar, whose first two books were impeccable in their own genre has written a poetry book, I was keen to read it. The author has the ca[ability to transform into the writing style that the genre of the book deserves. Catharsis is not different.

The catharsis of emotions:

Catharsis is a collection of 52 poems. Each poem is unique in its own way. The author’s musings stimulate various emotions in the readers.tthe poems don’t fall under the league of poetry books that unduly squeezes in tough vocabulary without doing justice to the theme or subject. Nor do the poems come under the cco called modern poetry where the colloquial language is exploited to seemingly create a poem. 

A mixed bag:

The poet has touched every aspect of life. She shares his experiences palpably. 
Vision is the 
Witness to the solitude
Wandering on the forlorn beach
Grappling with the void without
A snippet from the poem ‘Journey without destination’ is a witness to the insight of the poet. Read them thrice and each time you will get a different perspective. The author also tears open the bureaucracy and let a can of worms out through ‘ A bureaucrat searches for the poet’.
There are several such poems where practical life and poetry go hand in hand.
One of them was too casual for my liking. It could have been adapted to a short story for a better effect. Barring this, enjoyed every bit of this reading experience.

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