A Ladder of Panties by Sandeep Jayaram – Book Review

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 There are different types of books. Books that you like to read, the books that belong to your favorite genre, books that you think are perfect. Some books are crafted perfectly but do not fit the bill for many readers due to the uniqueness and boldness in expression. A ladder of panties by Sandeep Jayaram is one such book that is unique in its narration. 

A Ladder of Panties

When the narrationon stands out:

if depicted in a single sentence, it is a simple story of Srinivas Ramachandran, aka Sri, and his foray into the different aspects of life like any boy of his age. Needless to say, the need to get laid. In the book, the boys are wearing panties. The word panties will create a frown on the typical Indian faces. Well, let that frown remain.
Even though the title gives a perverted impression of erotica in a twisted mind, the book has nothing to do with erotic scenes. It is just a metaphor. Not just a metaphor but a meaningful one at that.

The satire at its best:

With a tinge of humor, the author has illustrated the shallowness of vision in the youth, the inability of accepting failure, and the incapability to handle relationships. The style of narration is the USP of the book. The quirky narrative will set off peels of laughter in the readers. If you don’t even smile at least once while reading the book, then you are either not attentive or not the type of reader for the book. 

Is there misogyny?

As a feminist myself,(not a female chauvinist or pseudo-feminist who seemingly done the cap of a feminist), I would say that the book is not misogynistic. Why? because it doesn’t glorify the protagonist. On the contrary, it blatantly calls out the regressiveness of the mean attitude of the youth. It is satire!
But if someone is not to perceive the satire in its real sense, they will take offense. That too at different levels. For instance, when Sri’s mother says that ‘Hindu women, don’t go out at 5 am’, the author is clearly portraying narrow-mindedness. It is up to the readers to decide how to perceive it.
In short, the author has taken a risk on that front because of late, India has become a land of intolerance and misinterpretation. Nonetheless,  from the accolades that the author is receiving, it seems like sensibility is not lost after all.

The take-off time:

The first chapter started off on a good note but further, the pace dropped. Perhaps it would stick with the YA readers. The theme of the chapter is interesting but it is stretched unduly. Further, it gets interesting in the second chapter. Towards the penultimate chapter and the one before it also the pace drops a little. 
But it doesn’t take off the quality of the book as a package.
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