Faith and the Beloved by Kochery C Shibu

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Faith and the beloved

It is one of the rarest reviews which I am posting in first-person narrative. If you have been following my reviews, you might know that I reserve it to the last line. But there is a reason for taking up this style of review. Let’s see why.

The books come under my favorite genre. Thriller with mythological fiction. The author has maintained the suspense element throughout the book. With a back story of the historical background, I could learn more about the LTTE and its activities as well as the history of the Syrian Catholic Churches. A plot with immense possibilities.
To see a grammar mistake on the first page is the most disappointing put-off for a book. But we cannot blame the author for the same. It is the job of th3 editor if at all there was one.
This is more of a protest against the half-baked theories about female sexuality than a book review.
Spoiler Alert ⚠️ sorry for the spoiler but I have to call it out.
1. A man raped an unconscious woman. She was moaning, which means she was enjoying it. But he didn’t make a single bruise on her body. Of course, she was unconscious. So how come a bruise happens? The next day he realizes that she is in the hospital. He learns that she made bruises herself to incriminate him.
So, My question to the author is?
If a man rapes an unconscious woman and doesn’t make a single bruise, is it justifiable?
2. A stepfather raping a stepdaughter. She is feeling guilty because she is enjoying it. She hates him but she enjoys what he did as he is deft in what he does?
So, if a man is an expert on a woman’s clitoris and G-spot, it’s easy to rape her as she enjoys it?
Is that it?
Let me tell you an ignorant lot with such half-baked ideas. However expert you are with any body part of a woman, she WILL NOT ENJOY it if you touch her without her permission. Even if you are her lover much less a stranger or someone she hates.
I read 75% of the book to see if I could see any justification for this
I’ll conceive thought. I was disappointed and skipped the rest and jumped to the last part. It was so disturbing to keep this misogyny out of my mind to concentrate on the book.

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