The Secret of Plants in the Environment by Rishikesh Upadhyay- Review #BookMarathon #book28

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The Secret of Plants in the Environment by Rishikesh Upadhyay-  Review #BookMarathon #book28

We have been hearing a lot of conservation of plants and trees and how pollution, chemicals, and our actions have affected them of late.

The Secret of Plants in the environment is a detailed account of the external factors that are stressful to the plants. The common stress factors like heat, pollution, etc are common stress factors and known to any laymen but there is more to it. The author points out several factors that were never really considered relevant to the plants.
We all know that phone radiations are detrimental to human health but never gave a thought about how it would encompass the plant life in the damage. Studies related to magnetic fields are mindblowing and would bring unimaginable extend of developments.
The book would also teach us the simplest way to explain what exactly is a forest and what is reserved and unreserved forests.
The book is predominantly targeting the readers who are serious about the study of plants and simultaneously acts as a pandora’s box for laymen and they would get a cascade of knowledge.
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Born and grew up in a small Nepalis hamlet, Bhanjang Basti via Mahadev Tilla, just a few kilometres of Haflong, the district headquarters of North Cachar Hills, India, Rishikesh Upadhyay is an Assistant Professor, researcher, and author. He loves learning and teaching to expand his horizons and ideas.
It was in research and teaching for students in Environmental Science and Botany that he stumbled across a desire to write articles and books. By day, he works at his local government college, and by night he pours his imagination out onto a page. Upadhyay believes in and writes about Plants and its environment. Currently, he’s now teaching Plant Environmental Physiology and Chemistry at his local government college affiliated to Assam University and maintains his earnings.
You can also find him on Twitter @RKUpadhy

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