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Erotica is an often frowned upon the genre. The reason behind this is the predisposition of modern writers to squeeze in unnecessary graphic sex scenes, probably of the impression that the readers might want to concentrate more on those than the plot itself. The quality of erotics has degraded of late due to this misconception.

Color of the genre

S.W. Stribling, through his book Sin and Zen, has brought a fresh color to the whole genre. Through the life of Will Strief, the author has put forth a man’s foray into the lives of women. Will Strief is an ex-service soldier who retired injured. Instead of pitying his limbs, he is making the most of his life. He hangs out with friends and tries everything that gives him excitement and happiness. Despite being physically disabled, he never fails to attract women. What happens in his life is the crux of the plot.
 Stribling writes a fast-paced psychological fiction that delves into the mind of a restless man trying to navigate an unplanned, but ultimately revealing, journey.
The characters lead the plot. Each character possesses individuality. The craft of the characters is the USP of the book. Will’s carnal experiences are not about mere sex and hence the book stands out among other erotica. In fact, I would not tag the book as erotica because the plot is all about human psychology and relations and the fornication sequences are integral parts of the book and are going with the plot. His shift from one woman to another seems a little far-fetched in between but his connection with Claudia compensates for the same.
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Overall the book targets a group of readers who like to read about human relations and are mature enough to read the graphic sequences with the mind of a reader rather than looking for mere pleasure.
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