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The New Rule of Business

To start a business we need a plan. To make it successful, we need to make another plan. Amongst all these what remains unchanged is your customer. But is it so linear a task? Rajesh Srivastava, in his book The New Rules of Business, tells us that taking care of customers is not always enough.

The author has a systematic method to introduce the different and relevant thoughts in our minds. The author introduces us to ‘1 Central Question (1CQ) and with examples establishes how 1CQ was propitious in several successful business ventures citing the examples of Amazon, Facebook, Macdonald’s, and the likes. The readers would be surprised to read that the 1CQ of Steve Jobs was ” Will it make Apple a great product for customers? If yes, Green Light it. If no, Junk it.”
The author introduces several innovative ideas for developing your business and the way he tries to mold the new entrepreneur is enticing to read. 
This book unfolds the mysteries of these new ways of doing business which most companies try to keep under wraps. 
The systematic fashion in which the author has arranged each idea and illustrated them with real-life examples is an example of the fact that he practices what he preaches. The tagline ” Go Ahead or Get Left Behind” is the aptest one for the book. I am personally so carried away by the book that I got a vision of how I should go about the business venture that I have been mulling over for a considerable amount of time.
The book is recommended to everyone who is trying to start a new business as well as expand the present one. It is also applicable in your daily life as well. Overall the book is a cosmopolitan pointer to how to be a successful millennial.

Rajesh Srivastava is an alumnus of IIT Kanpur and IIM Bangalore. He spent over three decades as a manager in various sectors like beverages, food, commodities, personal care, and education. He was president of J.K. Helene Curtis Ltd (a Raymond Group Company). Rajesh then moved to education and became an adjunct faculty at IIM Indore and COO of S.P. Jain School of Global Management. He now works as a consultant and holds workshops for companies like Siemens, Mercedes Benz, Reliance, IE Business School (Spain), among others. Throughout his career, his writings have appeared in various publications including OutlookTelegraphMid-DayBusiness Standard, and Mint.

This is his first book. He lives in Mumbai with his wife, Shaily, and their son, Kautuk.

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