ME by Elton John- Review #Book11

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The king of Rock and Roll, Elton John. His biography would be exciting. The color, music, jazz- But the little boy’s life is not what we expect it to be. Elton John is a painful tale of how a little boy with a lot of inadequacies, who has been a butt of the joke, who had been beaten black and blue, grew up to rule the world of rock and roll. As much as it is difficult to believe, it’s a real-life story.
A nobody who becomes the number one singer performer and tops the chart even at an age when others would be long retired. A life defined by turbulence. Drugs, alcohol, de-addiction, cancer, homosexuality, marriage to a woman and then a man, having two kids with the man, starting an AIDS foundation, hair transplant disaster, wigs, and whatnot! His life has everything that we tag as unbelievable. When his friends Gianni Versace, Princess Diana, and John Lennon had an untimely death, he was tagged as the angel of death. His life has everything and of which any human being would decide to end their life. Well, he also did but his venture into termination ended up being a joke.

I was devouring the book word by word. I was living with Elton John. The book is the best I have read in a few years. I wonder when I will be out the Hangover – not the onehe had but the one he gave me. 

His empathy towards an old woman who was trampled amongst the crowd that assembled to meet him shows how compassionate he is. Simultaneously he gives examples to prove how insensitive an individual he is. The highlight of the book is that he has not even tried to glorify himself. On the contrary, he didn’t waste a chance to tell how difficult it was to put up with him. He hasn’t minced the word while trashing his own image.
His words are the witnesses of his exuberance, mirthfulness, eccentricity, and benevolence. He never tried to boast about anything he did more so about the AIDS foundation. He portrays it as compensation for being a jerk or ignorant.
A rockstar trying to depict himself as a pilgarlic is unimaginable in a world where everyone is fighting to make themselves look flawless.
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