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Guru Nanak is not unknown to the common people primarily because he is the technical founder of the religion Sikhism which has grown so much so that it is literally impossible to see a country or land without Sikhs. Nonetheless, the masses are unaware of the great deeds of the first Sikh. Kamla K Kapur, through the book Singing Guru, brings to the readers the anecdotes of the Guru’s magic. Several instances are awe-inspiring.


From the best-selling author of Ganesha Goes to Lunch and Rumi’s Tales from the Silk Road comes an original novel about the life and travels of Guru Nanak, a musician, enlightened thinker, and one of the most beloved figures in eastern spirituality.

The ball gets rolling when Mardana, a confidante and follower of Guru, due to arrogance or ignorance, decides to break ties with Guru and start his life himself. Mardana wakes up to see that he has transformed into a goat and lives along with other goats. The revelation shocks him to no end and he regrets his decision. He starts talking about his Guru and his greatness. One by one he narrates the incidents that prove the superhuman powers of Guru Nanak. Right from the birth of Guru, Mardana tells the other goats how this ordinary human being grows to a God-like position.

Guru and God

Notwithstanding the God-like image, Guru Nanak tells his followers over and over again about the power of the God almighty and asks them to shed their Egos and submit everything to him. The last part of the book is about what happens to Mardana further and how his life changes.

The Singing Guru includes moral tales without being proselytizing

The book is a magical experience. For readers who belong to another religion, the book is a fresh experience. The book is indeed a tribute to the great human being. Nonetheless, the book could not be counted as a book about Guru Nanak. Mardana is the protagonist of the tale. The book is about how Mardana looks at Guru Nanak. A little more detailed account of the formation of Sikhism and their religious practices could have been added.

On a different dimension, the book is informative as well. The illustration about Rabad and Guru Nanak’s music is new information.

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