My daughter reviews Way of the Warrior Kid by Jocko Willink

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Hey, my Outsetians. You have all supported me in every step of mine. Today you are not going to read my review but something else.

“Way of the Warrior Kid” by Jocko Willink

Pan MacMillan sent me “Way of the Warrior Kid” by Jocko Willink. My daughter was so blown away by the cover of the book, that she started reading it and gave me updates about the book and started giving me her opinion as well. So I thought I will let her review the book this time.

The following is the review by my eight-year-old daughter Kamala Jayashankar. The review is in her own words. I just corrected the grammar. Also, she narrated the whole story while telling me her opinion. I’m not giving the whole story lest there would be spoilers. So here we go

"Way of the Warrior Kid" by Jocko Willink

Kamala’s review 

There is a boy called Marc. This boy is in the fifth standard. He hates to go to the sixth standard. His fifth standard was bad then how could the sixth standard be.
There is a bully boy who fights with him. They fought and Marc cried. Marc wants to be smart. One day when he woke up, he saw that his uncle Jack and his mother were sitting at the dining table. He was very happy to see his uncle. He cried because he could not swim. His uncle taught him swimming, pull-ups, and all to make him smart.

I loved Uncle Jack but I didn’t like the bully. He is so bad. His mother is so good. The front of the book has a picture of Marc doing pull-ups. It is very nice. 
There are a lot of nice pictures in the book. Some are so funny like 0×0=Marc’s face, and also the picture of the tortoise and hotdog.

 I could easily read the book. Some words were tough for me and I asked my mother.

The book is amazing. I really liked it and will read it once again. 
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