Adrift by Para H- Review

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Adrift by Para H- Review


Natural calamities have become unpredictable these days. Continental drift that we have heard about and learned in our Geography books has become something that is not far-fetched as the pace with which nature changes lately has been unbelievable. Be it floods, hurricanes, or the burning of the Amazon Rainforest.

Adrift by Para H- Review

Adrift is a metaphysical adventure thriller that takes on a journey you will never forget.

Adrift is the tale of one such drift. South California is shaken by the earthquake. Kate, a spirited woman after dealing with the chaos in her office sets out to return home and ends up on the verge of the Pacific Ocean. To have first-hand knowledge of what is happening, she enters the military center under the disguise of the Mayor’s secretary. No one can cross-check the same as the phone lines are dysfunctional and nobody cared. Since the region started floating away it had to be declared the nation of hope and Kate, by coincidence, becomes the President. What happens later is the crux of the story. Where do they land after floating?

Read on and join the roller coaster ride to discover for yourself.

The plot is unique. Something unheard of and hence makes the book stand out. The theme is handled with the utmost professionalism by the author. The style of narration is exemplary. The different instances throughout the book fuse seamlessly. The author has deftly kept Kate’s past brief yet comprehensible to the readers. Kate becoming the President of the new Nation of Hope is a little farfetched. Nonetheless, the background of the plot could justify the same.

The characters are not the strong point of the book but the protagonist definitely is. None of the other characters are given the due space but act their role in putting everything together. Kate’s relationship with Hari is depicted with conviction. Their discussions are spiritual and simultaneously convey their romantic indulgence. The author has kept the balance between the romance, duty, and decisiveness of Kate’s character.

Overall the book is an engaging read with an enchanting plotline.

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