Silent Night by Danielle Steel – Review

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Silent Night by Danielle Steel - Review


Silent Night by Danielle Steel – Review

We won’t understand the gravity of a situation unless we have gone through it. We all hear about people who survived accidents but seldom think about how difficult it would be to cope with them.

Silent night tells us how Emma who had a frontal lobe injury after an accident that took her mother Paige’s life, comes back to normal life. The initial paralysis and slow gaining of snippets of her memory, followed by a word or two- Danielle Steel have mastered the art of realistic narration. Each reader would live the struggle of Emma.

As the Blurb rightfully says, Danielle Steel’s latest novel is a deeply moving story of resilience, hope and the importance of family.

Emma the naive

Emma is supported by her aunt Whitney who despises the fact that her sister deprived Emma of her childhood by making her a daily sop actress. She thinks that Paige is responsible for the accident.

The deep emotional turmoil of Emma and Whitney is depicted palpably. The author had managed to touch a chord with the readers that connect them with the characters. The plot as such is monodimensional but the moments of agony are too real that a twisted or rich plot would seem irrelevant.

“She was all about duty and responsibility, her work and her sister’s child.

Of late Danielle Steel has switched her style and the same is a refreshing change to the damsels in distress characters. Even though Emma needs help, it doesn’t look like she is in the same craft as other steel women. This makes the book stand out from the rest. The climax was a bit disappointing.

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