Lost and Found by Danielle Steel- Review

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Lost and Found by Danielle Steel- Review


Lost and Found by Danielle Steel- Review

Life is not always what we expect it to be. Sometimes take the right decision but sometimes we fail. Some other times the whole sacrifices you make seem like nothing as the ones for whom we do it doesn’t acknowledge it.

Marrying the men she had fallen in love with has never seemed like the right thing for her children

Madison the string woman

Madison Allen is a single mother. After the divorce and later the death of her ex-husband, she dedicates her life to her kids. Starting off as an assistant to a photographer, she finally realizes her calling and becomes a fashion photographer. At sixty with her children settled in her life, she is lonely. None of her children even think of spending quality time with her. Much worse her oldest daughter pushes the idea of being old in her head and she finally decides to embark on a journey to find the three men who were a part of her life, after her husband.

They were old love letters and photographs of three men in her life, the three most important ones since her marriage.

Her encounters with them and the lessons she takes back home call for an endearing read. The characters are given only one shade like that in many of the Steele books. The miss goody two-shoe protagonist and the evil family that uses her is just another quintessential Steel cliche but what happens once she sets on her quest makes the book stand out.

The book will force the readers to view life from a different perspective. The book is simultaneously contemporary and philosophical.

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