Strangers in the Night and Growing Up- Review of two books in one

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Growing Up
Strangers in the Night

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Strangers in the Night and Growing Up- Review of two books in one

 Strangers in the night and Growing up are two books, however, I believe that they should not be counted as two different books. Why? Because one defines the other.

“Has anyone ever told you that you are a really strange character?”

Strangers in the Night 

Strangers in the night are the love story of Alisha and Arjun who meets outside a nightclub by chance. They spend time with each other and part ways without even sharing the numbers or introducing each other.  But both of them get connected. Alisha has come to London for a brief visit and is about to go back to India but her unfathomable attraction towards Arjun forced her to recheck the decision. But she needs to overcome a lot of hurdles to take the decision. Will Alisha be able to overcome the barriers or will they part ways?

In this world of infinite possibility

Maybe there is you and me

Growing up

Growing up is a collection of poems the author wrote in her adolescent years. Why I decided to review both books together because after reading Growing up, it would be evident where the author got the inspiration from Alisha. There are a lot of glimpses of Ruhee Advani in the whole character. Plotwise the book Strangers in the night is indeed weak but the innocence of the character and the goodness in the whole book makes it a good read. The style of narration is vernacular and hence apt for beginners.
The book is an out-and-out teenage book and teenagers would be able to enjoy it hence the book growing up is connected with Strangers in the night. The poems in growing up are primarily about pain and love and everything else is deftly intertwined with these emotions.
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