Influence without authority- Analysis

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Influence without authority- Analysis


Influence without authority- Analysis

Influence without authority is an out-and-out practical book. It gives us pragmatic directions about how to influence people who are not in the same department as ours and also the people who are seniors. We have read numerous books about how to influence people but this is one book that tells us how to influence without authority.

The book gives you a useful model and the practical strategies for influencing your colleagues, managers, or customers in order to meet your goals.

The book lays out a detailed study of business strategies as well. The author gives an influence model for us. The books give an idea about how to understand what they want and offer more than what you think. The author tells us not to think beyond stereotypes. Influencing at a distance is a unique topic that many of us won’t think about as a priority.

To have influence, you need resources that other people want to trade for what you want.

Organizational politics, these days, is the toughest nut to crack and the author gives us the cheat code into it. Shortly, the author tells us about anything and everything that helps you in influencing your colleagues without authority.

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