Rewind and Play by Tarun Gautam- Review

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Rewind and Play

Name          – Rewind and Play
 Author                 – Tarun Gautam
 Publisher              – Tree Shade Books
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What if life comes to a standstill? What if you lose your corporate job overnight?
Raghav Diwan, an NRI, receives an award for his product which later becomes the reason for his losing his job. While he fails to find the balance in his life, he meets his college friends at a get-together where he reminisces about his college life, The get-together changes his life altogether.

The genre 

Rewind and Play could be categorized as contemporary fiction, romance, self-help, and YA. The book comes under all genres and hence the target readers come under different age and gender groups. Unlike many books that we see recently, the book takes off very fast and makes the readers flip the pages to see what happens next and how Raghav tackles his problems. Once the get-together happens, the mood shifts and so does the plot. Further, the readers get to read and out our college story. Apparently, the major part of the book is college life unlike the mood of the blurb. After the get-together the mood shifts again and the readers get to see how Raghav changes his outlook and picks up the pieces to restart his life, how he Rewinds and Plays the button of his life.

The book is equally light and thought-provoking. Those who like it will love it and those who don’t will be able to finish it especially if you don’t like YA and college stories. 

Scenario:   3.5/5

Narration:  4/5
Character: 4/5
Entertainment Quotient: 4/5

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