All Seeing Digital Eyes by Neville J Kattakayam- Review

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Name          –  All Seeing Digital Eyes
 Author                 – Neville J Kattakayam

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We live in an era where privacy is a dream. There would not be a single person who hasn’t wondered why I am getting personalized ads even if I don’t do the search for the same. There would be lakhs and crores of people who have been victims of cyberbullying, phishing, etc. All seeing Digital eyes is a one-stop solution for all problems that we face through the internet.

There would be so many people out there including me who used to keep their location on all the time. The kind of risk that you take by doing this is not comprehensible unless and until you read the book. Similarly saving your bank details on your phone. Keeping pattern lock is what 99% of Android users rely on. After reading the book, all of them are sure to switch to passwords, that to alphanumeric ones. The book gives us the idea and courage to deal with cyberbullying, phishing, sextortion, catfishing, revenge porn, and many more cyber crimes. 

The level of effort taken in drafting the book is palpable. The author has put in a sincere effort to help people all over the world. After many months I got to read a book that is complete in every sense. I would love to have a paperback copy of the book and keep it on my bookshelf forever so that even my kids and grandchildren could make use of it.


Scenario:   5/5

Narration:   5/5
Relevance:  5 /5
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