Because I Love You by Pradip Chauhan- Review

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Name          – Because I Love You
 Author                 – Pradip Chauhan
 Publisher              – Anjuman Prakashan
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Painful love have always been the favorite genre for the readers. From classics to contemporary romance, readers have always had a heartfelt connection with love stories that had many tragic twists.
Because I love you is once such tale that would connect with the readers due to the pain of love that the protagonists share. 

It is the story of Kanaji and Radha and their love. But a tragedy that happened to Radha clouded their beautiful relation. The secret in Radha’s life is so shocking that Kanaji takes a step back in the relationship. Once he realizes that he could not live without her, he sets out in search of Radha. Will Kanaji find Radha? Will they reunite? 

The overall plot is simple and innocent. The love between Kanaji and Radha has been depicted palpably. The character craft and many names resembles those of Sri. Krishna’s mythology and hence the Kanha-Radha relation is as deep as that of Sri Krishna and Radha. The lack of proper editing is a major drawback of the book. The next edition of the edited version would hopefully rectify this issue 


Scenario: 3.5/5

Narration    : 3.5 /5
Character   :   4/5
Entertainment Quotient: 3.5/5

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