Eleven Gods and Billion Indians by Boria Majumdar- Review

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Name          – Eleven Gods and Billion Indians
 Author                 – Boria Majumdar
 Publisher              – Simon and Schuster
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Truth is stranger than fiction. We watch too many movies and read numerous books but fail to see the thrilling reality around us. India is known as the land of cricket due to the unrelenting love and support we shower over the players but little do we bother about what’s happening beyond the pavilion.Being a part of our life from the pre-independence times, cricket is always a relevant topic to write about.

Eleven Gods and Billion Indians is a sincere authentic and unadulterated account of the inside stories of cricket in India. Author has utilized the cordial relation he maintains with the cricket Gods and other related officials, by virtue of his profession, and weaved an anecdote of each event without any prejudice. The unbiased view of the author is the highlight of the book. We can see Ganguly-Chappel, Ganguly-Buchanan and Kohli-Kumble rifts. Author observes how cricket is the game of players while football is controlled by the coaches.

Author has done a detailed research for the book. In-spite of being privy of most of the incidents mentioned in the book, author chose to be maximum precise and that indeed is the highlight of the book.

Perfect for all cricket lovers.

Scenario:   4 /5

Narration    :   4/5
Relevance   :  5 /5
Research     :5/5
Entertainment Quotient: 4.75/5

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