Work Workers and Workplaces by Parthajeet Sarma- Review

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Name          – Work Workers and Workplaces
 Author                 – Parthajeet Sarma
 Publisher              –
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Does the space of work influence the productivity? Is there a connection between the work place and innovation? A decade back the answer to these questions would be an invariable know. Now we have started realizing the fact that creativity and innovation needs a space that gives them freedom entertainment and possibility of growth.

Parthajeet Sarma, through his book Work Workers and Workplaces, has come forward with a detailed study and analysis of workplaces. Author has systematically sown the importance of the topic , followed by the detailed study. He has complimented his views with some real life examples. An anecdote of an interesting scenario where there is door which could be set to schedule the usage of the conference room. Author has strongly placed the point that sometimes the time constraint or a countdown like this would black out our mind and hence detrimental to the productivity of the workers. Author has clearly defined the thin line between innovation and creativity.

The USP of the book is the narration. Author has convincingly put forward his arguments with some real examples. For instance, an example with candle and nails. While the major part of the book is about the relevance of having an employer friendly design and ambiance of the workplace, more space could have been invested in the applicability of the same. The relevance of the book in the current scenario is undeniable.


A quite relevant book on the space of work.

Scenario:   4 /5
Narration    :  4.5 /5
Relevance   :   5/5
Research     : 5/5
Entertainment Quotient: 4.5/5

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