Scholastic Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs by Scholastic

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Name          – Scholastic Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs 
 Publisher              – Scholastic 
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Dinosaurs have always been the greatest kids’ fantasy. In fact the history of Dinosaurs is what interests kids and adults alike. Scholastic Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs is an exemplary book on types of Dinosaurs and their history. It had come to a point that what we know now about Dinosaurs is only what we have seen in series of Jurassic movies.

The books gives a brief introduction of the beginning of life and there is a brief note about the Mesozoic era or Age of Reptiles. My five year old son and seven year old daughter now know about palaeontology and fossils. The bright attractive illustrations are sure to attract the kids irrespective of ages and it gives a very clear visual image which could not be provided by any electronic gadget. 

In an era when kids are getting farther from books, designing an encyclopedia about Dinosaurs is a very difficult job but Scholastic has effortlessly crafted the book such that the kids would be forced to keep their gadgets and indulge in knowledgeable books. Addition of Indian Dinosaurs is the highlight of the book. I have never given a thought on this till I got hold of the book. I am not exaggerating when I say that my kids want this book instead of their bedtime stories.

An entertaining encyclopedia.

Scenario.    : 5 /5

Narration    : 5 /5
Relevance   : 5/5
Research     : 5/5
Entertainment Quotient: 5/5

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