Nagin by Mayur Didolkar- Review

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Name          – Nagin
 Author                 – Mayur Didolkar
 Publisher              – Juggernaut Books
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Nagin has been trending recently. The revengeful and powerful woman has locked the masses in her immense power, beauty and strange life. Hence, Nagin by Mayur Didolkar has most relevance. The book is a collection of short stories about Icchadhari Nagin and Ichadhari Nag. For the readers who believe in worshipping Nag or snake or those who have witnessed how the Nag Pooja shows the power of Nag or Nagin, the book is an experience.

A teenager witnesses and black and yellow cobra going inside the neighbourhood almost daily. Later he realises the secret behind the snake. The revelation is sure to shock the readers. Another story is about a wife who finds out a clandestine relation of her husband. She tries to save her husband from a vile woman with ulterior motive. Who is the Nagin in the story, is the highlight. A man who stalks his ex-girlfriend find that the ones who cross her path are bitten by a poisonous snake and dies on the spot. All his suspicions are directed towards her new boyfriend but the climax is sure to take the breath away from the readers. A child who strays away from his mother reaches a strager who saves him and sets out to reunite him from his mother. On the way they meet someone who tries to harm them. How the man saves the child is the rest of the stories.

There are even more stories for the reader. Each story is one different from the other, even though there is a Nag or Nagin. The suspense behind who is the Snake is highlight of the book. Each story will force the reader to start guessing who the snake would be. The first story is apparently a misleading one. A teenager who is a peeping tom gives the impression of the intro of an erotica. This was unwarranted for the book which is literary best among the contemporaries.

The relationships are depicted effortlessly intimate without any sleay sequences. Some of the characters stay with us even after finishing the book. The book cover is what deserves special mention. It is fabulous and appeals to everyone. The book is not concentrated to a single genre and hence has a possibility of targeting wide readers. The blurb is however misleading. It gives the feel of a novel while it is an anthology.


A book with all spices.

Scenario:   4 /5
Narration    :   4.5/5
Character   :   4.5/5
Entertainment Quotient: 4.5/5

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