Pralay by Vineet Bajpai- Review

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Name          – Pralay
 Author                 – Vineet Bajpai
 Publisher              – VB Performance LLP
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My Review
Rating : 4.5

From a writer who is called Master Story teller by DNA, expectations would be high. Pralay, the sequel of the bestseller Harappa by Vineet Bajpai is the next level of Harappa. After the lethal attack, Vidyut is taken back to Dev Raskshasa Matth. Will he survive? Will he be able to fulfill the aim of his birth? What is New World Order and Knights Templar? Who formed it? Who is the mystical fishman? Will anyone survive Pralay? What is the fate of Vivasvan Pujari, Manu and Sanjna?

A lot of questions pop in the minds of the readers after reading the prequel and the blurb of Pralay. From the ill fate, Vivasvan Pujari emerges as a demon whose kindness has died out. Seeking revenge, he assort to heinous steps that noone would expect him to. The readers would be so tied to him that it would be difficult for the readers to imagine him as a devil. Manu’s journey afterwards is depicted with finesse and conviction that it would be a cliffhanger at the end of the chapters about Manu. The background that was created in Harappa forced me to love Vivasvan, Manu and their story more than Vidyut. Vidyut appeared to me as someone who is too good to be true in terms of looks and capability. But author has balanced it in the character portray. His fluctuations in the heart matters, suspecting the wrong person, unsuspecting the real enemy and even his smoking makes him more human than god like but in such a circumstance, his body emanating the glow seems like a mismatch. Hence the overt focus on Vidyut could have been controlled. But yes he is a Devta after all. Some of the unnecessary explanations like that of Kathak were fillers and could be avoided for a storyline so strong as this. 

The discussions between Vidyut and Dwarka Shastri are educating, thought provoking and philosophical. The sequences about the human incarnation of Gods make us realize that the suffering of the world we see around is not an injustice but the cosmic law. These discussion are the parts that I like the most when it comes to Vidyut. Due to the influence Vivasvan Pujari created, in a need to read more of him pertaining to positivity or negativity, the character stands tall against Vidyut. All this could be the other way around if you are reading Pralay first.

The book can be reviewed by two people. 
1. The ones who read its prequel
2. The ones who did not read the prequel.
Yeah! Of course. No Pun intended.
Apparently the reviews of both would be different because the impact that Harappa would create in you would be tremendous and hence we will have a great foundation to kickstart the second one and hence overpower your judgement. The second book does give a glimpse of the first one but if you want to relate to and enjoy every second of Pralay I would highly recommend you to read the first part before the second. Unlike the other mythological fiction books of late, the second book is way improved than the first and did come up to the expectations. 

I recommend this book and its prequel to all the mythological and historical fiction lovers.

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