Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke-Review

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Name          – Dragon Rider
 Author                 – Cornelia Funke
 Publisher              – Chicken House
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My Review
Rating : 4.5

A boy sitting on a silver dragon with sky and moon as a background. Any fantasy lover would expect a feast for their hunger. I must say that the book would not disappoint them. The quirky murky story of Ben, the dragon rider and the dragons is sure to steal the heart of the readers.

Plot begins when a little rat runs to the dragons to deliver the message of the humans intending to attack their abode by drowning them. Sorrel, the brownie and Firedrake, the dragon sets out to find another abode for them, away from the humans. The trip is a revelation that there is nearly nothing the humans have left untouched. Their journey ends up in a hatch, where they meets a tiny little creature that looks like human and smells like rats. It doesn’t take much for the acquaintance between Ben, the little boy and Firedrake the dragon to turn to friendship and together they sets out to find the Rim of heaven along with Sorrel, the brownie. The one scenario in itself is a base for the development of the plot. The tete-a-tete between them is enough to engage and amuse the readers. It reminded me of Ice-Age movie. Reproducing the same quirkiness with words is a quite difficult task but author has nailed it brilliantly.  From the hatch the three of them reaches the land of mountain dwarfs who give them a map which later becomes their companion in the quest. The news of the silver reaches their greatest enemy, the golden dragon who sends his cronies to confirm what the dragon and the boy are upto.  Further the encounter with humans makes sure that the plot is not getting monotonous. What happens next? Well, I would not want a spoiler here.  To find what happens further, grab a copy of this fantasy cocktail.

Effortlessness in narration is the highlight of the book. Author has created every magical incident with so much conviction that the reader would forget at some point that it is afterall a fantasy. Having grown up reading Harry Potter, fantasies failed to impress me since I tend to compare every book to Harry Potter. But this time i must say that Dragon rider is par excellence. After say around 7 years I read a fantasy book with so much interest.

Authoress proved the point that Bestsellers does not always need making out sequences or bizarre youth sloshed out in drinks or drugs.

This review is in return of a free book from the publisher  

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