The Weary Generations by Abdullah Hussein- Review

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Name         –  
The Weary Generations

Author                  -Abdullah Hussein
Publisher              – Harper Perennial
Number of Pages – 448
Publishing Year   – 1963(2016-Latest)
Edition                  – Paperback
                    – 499

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Rating : 5.0

My Review

Who is a lucky reviewer. It is that person who gets a classic to review. We get a free copy of the same and a chance to dvelve through finest literature. I am one among them to get this book to review.

Naim, son of a peasant is the protagonist of the book, or should I say story is the protagonist.  The book is not about a uni-dimensional depiction of a man’s life. The book touches several genres. It is history, romance, action, fiction, reality and everything a novel should be. It is a club of short stories weaved in such a way that these stories connected together to make a wonderful novel.

Starting with the history of Roshan Mahal, author introduces us to Naim, the farmer’s son and Azra, landowner’s daughter. Their love is platonic yet deep. It develops slowly and strongly. Author left me wondering if love is all the more same after almost a century. Naim leaves to meet his father, heartbroken with Azra’s refusal to accompany him. At his father’s Naim has to toil like a bullock. Troubled with his father’s two wives and their fights, Naim slowly pushes his days forward. The singhs whom Naim meets is a fresh deviation from his monotonous life. Author has portrayed their tete a tete in a crude and raw fashion. 

From his father’s house, Naim is recruited to Army to fight the world war. Thenceforth a different scenario unveils. The days before war and their boredom in anticipating some action, the days spent amidst the action and the days spent in the concentrations camp and further spent after losing his arms are shown without a tinge of lag. Coming back home, Naim joins the freedom struggle. The new turn brings new ideals in his life. 

The book is the fictional adaptation of pre- and post- independence India and India after separations and formation of Pakistan. 

This review is in return of a free book from the publisher  

About the author

Abdullah Hussein (1931-2015) became famous for his novel Udaas Naslein, which won the Adamjee Award. His English novel Émigré Journeys was adapted into a feature film by BBC as Brothers in Trouble and it established him as a fiction writer of international recognition.

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