A Season for Dying by Sharmishta Shenoy

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Name         – A Season for Dying

Author                  – Sharmishta Shenoy
Publishing Year   -2017
Edition                  -Paperback
                    – 105

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Rating : 4.0

My Review
The key element in a thriller is suspense. The deepest the secret lies the more interesting the story would be. Sharmishta Shenoy through her Vikram Rana mystery series brings forth some interesting tales of suspense, mystery,thrills and action.
 A Season for Dying, comes under the genre , in an irrevocably engaging investigation thriller. Vikram Rana, the private detective is in charge of a series of murders. A woman is murdered in her apartment and the murderer sends an email to press claiming that he had murdered the woman and will kill more people on the coming days for the fun of it. The police is on the run to find the random killer before he mercilessly slaughters more innocent souls. The husband of the woman asks Vikram Rana to investigate his wife’s murder since he feels that he has been unduly framed. Once Vikram comes to picture, the investigation takes an interesting turn and along with inspector Reddy, Vikram solve one riddle after the other to find a connecting link between the murders. It does not take much time to find out that the murders are no longer random.

Who is the psychopath after the lives of people? What is his motive? Will Vikram and Reddy succeed in finding the killer and prevent further murders.?

Authoress forces the readers to plunge into the world of violence, suspense , mystery ,love,friendship  and revenge . The style of narration is engaging. The right amount of suspense is maintained without overdose of drama. What intrigues me is whether a private detective would be allowed to get sensitive evidence and be a part of discussion in the most controversial crime investigation. A few grammatical errors could not be ignored though it did not mellow down the level of suspense.

Overall the book is a great attempt from the authoress’s part.

This review is in return of a free book from the publisher  
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